Instant. Precise. Portable.

Instadose brings NVLAP (100555-0) Accredited radiation monitoring into the digital age. The size of a flash drive, this rugged, fully accredited dosimeter provides an instant read-out when connected to any computer with internet access and a USB connection.

Advantages for the Practice:

  • Eliminating the badge collection and shipping process
  • Tracking and controlling dose for high risk employees
  • Alerting e-mails sent when a dose exceeds a user-specified level
  • Providing an online interface for dosimetry record keeping
  • Allowing online reassignment of dosimeters when you change employees

Advantages for the Radiation Worker:

  • This revolutionary device provides radiation workers with complete control over when and how frequently they review their dose, with unlimited readings included for one low price. Concerns about a possible exposure can be addressed immediately, as opposed to other services which provide readings on a quarterly or monthly basis.
  • Instadose devices can be re-read without loss of exposure data, with cumulative exposure maintained.

With our online Account Management Program (AMP+) account administrators can manage all the elements of a radiation monitoring program online anytime, from anywhere. From account administration to managing individual wearers and devices, AMP+ provides real time access to account details, device assignments, reports, and all pertinent account information.

Instadose Readings

With AMP+ (Account Management Program), you have easy access to up-to-the-minute exposure reports. If there is ever a concern of radiation exposure, you can log in to your secure account page and check your dose level. Devices can be read on any computer with a USB connection and internet access. Account administrators can also manage all the elements of a radiation monitoring program with AMP+. From account administration to managing individual wearers, devices, and locations, AMP+ provides real-time access to account details, device assignments, reports, and pertinent account information.

With AMP+, administrators can:

  • View current and historical exposure readings
  • Perform readings for devices within the account
  • View graphical representation and comparative review of user exposure readings
  • Manage how frequently devices are read
  • Update account information

AMP+ is also your source for information. Keep up-to-date on radiation monitoring articles for your industry by logging into your AMP+ account. Whether your industry is veterinary, dentistry, or radiology, you will be able to view and search the news that is relevant to your industry.

Technical Specifications instadose Dosimeter
Description Direct Ion Storage device
Badge Type 1= instadose
Accreditations/Approvals/Licenses In the United States under NVLAP (lab code: 100555-0)
Minimum Reportable Dose 3 mrem (0.03 mSv)
Useful Dose Range 1 mrem – 500 rem* (0.01 mSv – 5 Sv)
Energy Response Photon 5 keV – 6 MeV

Instadose Documentation

Instadose Specification Sheet