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CHP Dosimetry – Radiation Badges

Founded in 2004, CHP Dosimetry offers fully accredited Instadose and traditional radiation badges (also known as dosimeter badges, x-ray badges, radiation dosimeters, film badges, TLD badges, etc.) to monitor radiation exposure. We supply whole-body radiation dosimeters, extremity rings, neutron dosimetry, and area monitors to tens of thousands of clients nationwide. Clients include medical practitioners, universities, industrial and environmental companies, State and Federal government agencies, and even the Statue of Liberty!

We have not raised prices on our radiation badges on a single client in 15 years!

We started because we realized that you are so busy doing the things you do, that it is easy to ignore your radiation badge service. The result is people paying 50-90% more for the same service we offer. Folks see our radiation badge listed price and wonder if that is the quarterly fee (since many people pay 4X our annual fee!). One thing being in the service taught me was that when your team was focused on the mission, you needed someone to reliably make sure supplies were delivered so you could keep going.

CHP Dosimetry is the first dosimeter badge company to have online order and payment.

We tailor our service to YOUR needs. We don’t take advantage of the fact you are busy. You can order and communicate with us online, or call for more personal attention.

Thanks for checking out CHP Dosimetry. If you are wondering whether CHP is a good fit for you, we invite you to call and find out for yourself. In the time it takes to read this, you could order and pay for your dosimeter badges online. Transparent pricing, ease in ordering, and commitment to service made us the fastest-growing dosimetry company in the country. Give us a call at 888-766-4833 or send us an email. That’s the best way to find out what’s so special about CHP Dosimetry.