Is there a control badge included for every site?

No control is used with the Instadose monitoring service. When weekly reads are done, the end of month report will add an algorithm to account for the background. Weekly reads are recommended.

Are area monitors available?

Instadose devices can be designated as area badges as well as personnel.

Who is responsible for the set-up of each end-user?

When Instadose+ badges arrive they are assigned as you instructed on the order. You will need to set up an online account to manage reports.

As the RSO do I have access to print badge reports for all of my wearers?

You can set up a “location administrator” access and will be able to manage all badges and reports.

Can the Instadose+ be transferred to a new wearer or does a new badge need to be ordered each time? If so, how does that process work?

Yes, the Instadose badges can be reassigned by the location administrator as needed. Directions for this will be sent in my welcome packet once shipped from the lab.

Is there any way to test the radiation badges?  We have two of the clip-on USB style.  We rarely get a reading, and after a year or two, I’m starting to wonder if it works.  I know I can’t get a reading unless we get more than the 3mrem, but wondering how I would prove to an auditor that it is functioning correctly.  Please advise.

Every time you read it, there is a diagnostic that happens and lets you know there was a successful read.  The Instadose reads and records background dose all the time.  That is how we know it is working.  If you are not spending a lot of time in “radiation areas” we would not expect to see much dose above background.  It means you are working properly.  Just be sure to read it periodically. We recommend at least monthly.  Keep in mind if it breaks, we will not know till the next time it is “read”.  If you spend too long between reads and it breaks or gets lost, you lose those readings.

Fortunately, these things are fairly robust.  If it ever gets lost, breaks, or cannot read, we will send a replacement.  When you send it back, we can try to extract useful data from the device.