Apex Dosimeter Front and BackCHP Dosimetry is committed to providing value to our clients.  Most dosimetry companies provide a one size fits all solution to their clients.  We give you options.   The Apex dosimeter an OSL type of dosimeters that is very sensitive, providing monitoring as low as 10 mrem.  It is our lowest cost dosimeter option and the default dosimeter when ordering.  The Apex is our most recommended radiation badge.

The Apex OSL Badge is small, lightweight and rugged Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) based dosimeter.  It is highly sensitive to X-rays and higher energy Beta particles.  If there are questionable readings, this dosimeter can be read multiple times to ensure accuracy.  The Apex is ideally suited for a wide range of applications and environments.

CHP Dosimetry offers several different dosimeter options, including whole body, ring, wrist, and Instadose dosimeters. While CHP recommends quarterly monitoring services, we will be happy to accommodate your needs if we can.  Read more about the Apex dosimeter below where you can also place an order and pay online.  Convenient!


  • Medical practitioners and technologists, dentists, chiropractors, or any practice with potential exposure to gamma, X-ray, or high energy beta radiation.


  • Easy to wear.
  • Slim, lightweight form.
  • Permanently bar-coded for user identification and tracking.
  • Re-readability to verify dose
  • Durability
  • Whole-body and area monitoring configurations.
  • Improved label with larger fonts and wear locations.
  • Wear periods from one week, monthly or quarterly.


  • Description: 2 element beryllium oxide (BeO)
  • Badge Type: 30 = Beryllium oxide
  • Holder Type: BP = Blister pack
  • Accreditations/Approvals/Licenses: NVLAP (Code: 100555-0) and HSE
  • Minimum Reportable Dose: 10 mrem (0.10 mSv)
  • Useful Dose Range: 10 mrem – 1000 rem (0.10 mSv – 10 Sv)
  • Energy Response:
    • Photon 12 keV – 7 MeV
    • Beta 0.565 MeV – 5 MeV

Apex Dosimeter Brochure.