Once again, I had to endure travelling to the HPS Midyear and represent CHP Dosimetry and CHP Consultants.  This time it was to FREEZING San Diego!  Where it was colder in the morning than back in TN.  But it certainly did warm up.  It was good to see all my longtime friends in the Health Physics society and catch up.  Hanging out in San Diego was nice as I found a nice coffee shop and got to see some tall ships while out on a run along the harbor.  Hope the season is all good for everyone out there.

By now you should all be wearing your first quarter dosimeters.  If you are using Instadose, don’t forget to take regular readings.  We recommend you read them often, at least once a month.  If it gets lost or damaged, it would be a pain to try and recreate all that data lost.









Spring is coming!