Radiation BadgesCHP Dosimetry offers traditional radiation badges (TLD) discussed here along with the revolutionary new technology of Instadose (which ends the need for shipping dosimeters back and forth).  TLD stands for Thermoluminescent dosimetry.  This technology replaced the old film badges for most people worldwide.  The traditional TLD is by far the most common technology used worldwide and by most of our clients.  TLD is the only technology that lets you measure exposure to neutrons or beta doses (such as from nuclear medicine pharmaceuticals).  Even if you use Instadose, you will still need TLD for ring badges or neutron dosimetry.

The TL Dosimeters we use at CHP

The Genesis TLD we offer measures dose down to 1 mrem.  Pretty low compared to a natural background of nearly 300 mrem/year that each of us is exposed to from the natural world around us.  This means that if you are getting exposed in the workplace, we will see it.  We recommend quarterly monitoring services to most of our clients.  We can accommodate any other schedule including one time only use.  CHP Dosimetry will meet or beat any published price for dosimetry services at ANY TIME you are our customer. We pride ourselves on providing value and have not raised prices on a single client since we started providing services in 2004. Read more about our dosimetry options by selecting the dosimeter type off the drop down menu. We offer the Genesis Ultra badgeRing DosimetersInstadose, and Neutron Dosimeters.

Why do you need a radiation badge?

Most people wearing radiation badges don’t see much actual dose.  This is a good thing!  It means you are doing the right things in your practice. The reason we wear radiation badges is the same reason we wear a hard hat.  Just in case.  Not many of us have had something fall on our head at a construction site, but we see the possibility and use a hard hat to protect ourselves.  Much like the hard hat, the badge ensures you are not getting overly exposed.  With radiation exposure, you could get very serious exposures and not notice anything for quite some time.  You don’t feel it happening (unless you get a tremendous dose that will kill you), but you could receive harmful levels of exposure and not know it for years.  The typical latency period for what are called “stochastic effects” of radiation are up to 10 years later.

If you do everything right, but someone else doesn’t, it could lead to an over exposure.  Even digital X-ray machines are capable of delivering harmful levels of radiation exposure if used improperly.  If the machine malfunctions, you may have no indication.  Also if servicing was done and internal shielding was not properly reinstalled, it could give you more radiation exposure than you think you are getting.  Without a badge, you won’t know if you are getting overexposed.  Fortunately, the cost of radiation badge services from CHP are relatively low.

X-ray rooms are typically built to accommodate the machine inside.  Most people don’t think about this, only the ones doing the installation.  But if you were to redesign your office, you might inadvertently remove shielding that was designed for the machine inside.  Who knows, maybe the person who occupied that suite before you moved in made the changes.  Looking at a wall from the outside can give you no idea of how much shielding is installed.

Another benefit of using radiation badges is future liability.  The badges don’t look like much more than a piece of plastic with your name on it.  But there is a lot more to those than meets the eye.  A typical Genesis TLD has 4 elements and has been tested at least three times prior to issue with known radiation exposures to measure and record the dosimeters response.  This and every record generated by reading the badge is permanently archived for future retrieval.  This includes all the testing exposures and quality control records and associated test badge results.  Most of these records are required to be kept for up to 75 years!  With the cost of data storage so low, and getting lower by the day, these records will never likely be destroyed.

Our clients include the following industries:

  • Veterinarians
  • X-ray users
  • Radiologists
  • Pain clinics
  • Spine Clinics
  • Dentists
  • Podiatrists
  • Chiropractors
  • Zoos
  • Security firms
  • State and Federal Agencies
  • Orthopedists
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Clinics that employ C-Arms
  • Anyone doing fluoroscopy
  • Nuclear Industry
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