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Select the box for Whole Body to order that badge for the individual. If that person needs rings, select the box for Left and/or Right hand and indicate the ring size. Adding a name to the field will allow us to maintain the name with the record. It is the most secure way to ensure proper record retention. (for example, Joe Smith, Room 1, Tech 1, Visitor, Spare, Spare 2.). Each dosimeter is individually counted to determine the final cost.

Badge Assignment Information is not needed for Instadose orders. However, Please fill out Name, Gender and Date of birth for Instadose+ orders.

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By clicking the submit button, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions for Instadose/Instadose+/TVC Instadose/TVC Instadose Plus or for all other products, terms and conditions**, which includes an $18/ea fee for damaged or lost or unreturned dosimeters (they are deemed late if they are sent in past 91+ days after the end of the wear period, including the control, and will still incur an $18/ea fee.)