We make dosimetry quick and easy, saving time and money.

CHP is here to help you with all your dosimetry needs.  We have 30 years of radiation dosimetry experience and a Certified Health Physicist on staff to help you with your radiation badging needs. We have a full line of NVLAP Accredited (Lab code 100555-0) dosimeters including rings, TLD Badges, and the new Instadose line of dosimeters that put an end to mailing badges! We provide easy online ordering and payment options. In the time it takes to read this, you can be done ordering and paying for your next year’s radiation badge service.  We also provide project specific badging for short term work.

We are only a phone call away and can quickly answer any service or technical questions you have.  Our prices are very competitive and posted for all to see.  We have not raised prices on a single customer in over 10 years.  We specialize in providing value and service.  Give us a call and see for yourself.

Employees are your most valuable asset.

Keep track of their radiation dose as they work at your facility our out in the field.  Whether working with X-rays, accelerators, nuclear medicine, or radioactive materials, CHP Dosimetry has you covered.  CHP has over 25 years of radiation dosimetry experience. If you have questions, we are ready to help.

Project Dosimetry

We provide radiation dosimeters to many of the consulting companies operating in the United States and can provide short term monitoring or annual services with no hassle.

Real time dose information

CHP Dosimetry provides both TLD and Instadose for occupational monitoring.  If you need real time alarming instruments, we have meters and electronic dosimeters.

Fast Online Ordering

We make monitoring fast, easy, and inexpensive with our online ordering and payment system.  We can take Purchase Orders too.  Five minutes and you are done!  With our low-price guarantee and posted prices you always know you are getting the best value.

Why Use CHP?

CHP is always a phone call or email away.  We have a higher ratio of customer service to our clients than anyone else in the industry and it shows.  We also have a Certified Health Physicist on staff to answer technical questions and give advice.

Our ring and whole body TLD dosimeters are the most tissue equivalent available today.  This means lower, more accurate reported dose.   We sell the full line of Instadose, which eliminates mailing and waiting on results.  Our newest product, the Instadose 2 delivers both photon and beta dosimetry.  We also provide area monitoring badges.  We provide the same NVLAP Accredited (Lab code 100555-0) dosimetry as the larger vendors with a much better customer experience.

Other ways we can help

CHP Dosimetry provides senior level health physics and instrumentation support.  We have calibration facilities, hand held and laboratory instruments, Certified Health Physicists, and other senior level consultants who can help you for the short or long term.  If we can’t help, we will find someone who can.