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You’re busy serving clients. We make dosimetry quick and easy.

CHP Dosimetry is here to help you with all your dosimetry needs. We have a full line of dosimeters including rings, TLD, and Instadose radiation badges. We provide easy online ordering and payment options. In the time it takes to read this, you can be done ordering and paying for your next year’s radiation badge service.

We are only a phone call away and can quickly answer any service or technical questions you have.

Employees are your most valuable asset.

Keep track of their radiation dose as they work in the clinical environment. Whether working with X-rays, accelerators, or nuclear medicine, CHP Dosimetry has you covered. The radiation sources you utilize every day can deliver significant radiation doses. The only way to know if your equipment is used properly, and employee doses are low is by wearing dosimeters. CHP Dosimetry has over 25 years of radiation dosimetry experience. If you have questions, we are ready to help.

Real time dose of record for medical personnel

CHP Dosimetry provides both TLD and Instadose for occupational monitoring and electronic dosimeters for monitoring radiation and informing or even alerting the user to high radiation levels in the field.

Fast Online Ordering

We make monitoring fast, easy, and inexpensive with our online ordering and payment system. Five minutes and you are done! And with a low-price guarantee and posted prices, you always know you are getting the best value.

What we do

CHP is always a phone call or email away. We have a higher ratio of customer service to our clients than anyone else in the industry and it shows. We also have a Certified Health Physicist on staff to answer technical questions and give advice.

Our ring and whole body TLD dosimeters are the most tissue equivalent available today. This means a lower, more accurate reported dose. We also provide area monitoring badges that demonstrate compliance with existing regulations for places not typically monitored (such as a waiting room adjacent to a treatment area).

High Dose Applications – Fluoroscopy!

Ask how we can work together to more accurately report dose using shielding and multi-badging of personnel. This is particularly effective for staff working with fluoroscopy.

Radiation dosimetry is typically performed using assumptions that overestimate radiation dose. For most medical people this is not a problem. However, if you are routinely using fluoroscopy, you can easily approach or exceed regulatory limits.

We can help you use dose-weighting to accurately report the actual dose to individuals exposed to X-rays. To use dose-weighting, there are a few simple requirements. Complying with these requirements can reduce the reported dose by 70% or more.

Other ways we can help

CHP Dosimetry provides facility shielding design, licensing, instruments for monitoring the work areas, and other health physics (radiation safety) related services. If we can’t help, we can help you find someone who can.