Greetings All,

We at CHP Dosimetry are always looking for ways to add value to our radiation badge service.  Our fluoroscopy users typically have the highest doses.  I found this article talking about how a significant amount of dose during fluoroscopy occurs from UNDER the table.  As some of you know, we get an email whenever any of our clients has a radiation badge reading above 400 mrem deep dose.  Most of the people we contact are doing fluoroscopy.  As we discussed in earlier posts, there are ways that we can reduce and better yet, more accurately report dose with dose weighting.  In any case, those of you performing fluoroscopy might think about utilizing this product or something like to to reduce scatter in the room and minimize your radiation dose.

Next week we will be attending the Health Physics Society Midyear meeting in Bethesda MD.  Those of you (and there are many) in the DC area might think about coming over for a few talks.  You can find out more about the agenda on their website:

If you can’t make it then, the 2020 Annual Meeting is going to be in National Harbor.  We will be there too!

Hope you have a great 2020!

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