Hi Everyone,

We hope you are having a great new year. Is it time to consider Instadose?

Many of you have felt the sting of late badge fees. We hate them too. We have to pay the lab AND bear the bad news. Fortunately there is a silver lining. For those of you who have a lot of employees travelling about, or just don’t like mailing dosimeters, we have the Instadose and the Instadose Plus dosimeter. Either one will save you the time of collecting badges and trips to the Post Office. With Instadose you no longer have to mail anything back. You can read it as often as you like, any time you want. You can order them online and we will prorate your service so you can start any time. Just let us know in the comments of the order form what you want us to do.

If you are thinking about it, know that we can adjust your service to seamlessly make the transition. Any unused portion of your badge service fee would be applied to the new order. Instadose costs a little more on the front end, but saves trips to the post office and the time and energy of shipping, receiving, and changing out dosimeters 4 (or 12) times a year. The main difference in the two types are in how they are read. Instadose required plugging into an internet connected computer with a USB. Instadose Plus uses bluetooth, so you can connect to your smart phone, or your desktop computer. Both types are appropriate for monitoring X-rays or gamma rays. If you have a lot of Beta exposure, these will not work. Feel free to call if you have any questions.


The CHP Crew