Hi Everyone.  I hope this post finds you well.  It was great to go down to Orlando to this years HPS Annual meeting.  I got to see a lot of the same folks I have known for over 27 years at this meeting, even running into a couple of my old Professors.  I wore my Hawaiian shirt on Monday in sympathy for those taking the CHP Exam.  CHP Consultants and CHP Dosimetry was conceived of way back when I first started going to those meetings, and finally came into being 16 years ago.  The idea was to provide Certified Health Physicists (CHP’s) to the nuclear industry.

A few years after starting with consulting and instruments we realized that expanding into dosimetry services was a way that I could use my experience from my first job out of school at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the dosimetry group, and later job at what was then the ICN Dosimetry Service (now Mirion).  It was in those jobs that I learned about radiation badges and all the crazy readings you can get, along with all the myriad ways that badges can be utilized, misplaced, or on rare occasion misused (like the guys at the airport on the night shift who wore them while riding the belt through the X-ray machine).  One thing that I realized is that badges work all the time.  Whether or not you are there watching them.  Sometimes work after hours can result in badges being exposed without your knowing.  Sometimes badges can be exposed from nuclear medicine treatments (either the wearer, or someone at home or in the office), or shipments of radioactive material passing by.  We have even seen badges receive dose from badges being placed in fiesta ware bowls (from the uranium glazing)!  One thing for sure, with the human factor, there will always be some variation in how everything comes together.  We try to keep that in mind here at CHP.

Although we think about radiation badges every day, sometimes you don’t.  This is why we send out late badge reminders.  Late badges can result in fees to you, but for us it is also a hassle.  For one, we have an unhappy customer.  A bad outcome for everyone.  If you are one of those absent minded types, you might consider switching over to Instadose or the Instadose Plus dosimeter.  With Instadose, there is no more shipping badges back and forth.  With both types, you can read your badges anytime you want.  Ask us about switching to Instadose.  We have had thousands of people who have made the switch, and I don’t recall anyone who made the switch back!


Instadose Plus 


Have a great day!