CHP Dosimetry is committed to providing value to our clients.  Most dosimetry companies provide a one size fits all solution to their clients.  We give you options.   The Genesis Ultra BP dosimeter is very sensitive, providing monitoring as low as 1 mrem.  This is particularly useful for doing area monitoring where you want to see even minor changes in dose.   It is our most versatile dosimeter.

The Genesis Ultra BP dosimeter uses “Copper Doped” Lithium Fluoride (LiF) elements making it one of the most sensitive and tissue equivalent dosimeters available in the world today.  It is our premier badge for personnel monitoring due to its enhanced capabilities.  Much better than even the most sensitive OSL badges due to its very high response (down to 1 mrem) and its tissue equivalence.  Tissue equivalence means the dosimeter is more accurate at measuring radiation dose even if the incident radiation field is unknown.  The use of LiF also allows the dosimeter to measure neutron exposure.  Measuring neutrons with an OSL badge requires adding a secondary component at higher cost and complexity. It is for these reasons that the Genesis BP is second to none for radiation monitoring.

CHP Dosimetry offers several different dosimeter options, including whole body, ring, wrist, and Instadose dosimeters. While CHP recommends quarterly monitoring services, we will be happy to accommodate your needs if we can.  Read more about the Genesis BP dosimeter below where you can also place an order and pay online.  Convenient!


  • Any occupation worker with potential exposure to gamma, X-ray, or beta radiation. The Genesis Ultra BP will identify exposure to “thermal” neutrons and is an accurate dosimeter for them.
  • Applications where you want to see even minor variations in exposure


  • Permanently bar-coded for user identification and tracking.
  • High sensitivity
  • Virtually no signal fading
  • Neutron capability
  • Whole-body, wrist and area monitoring configurations.
  • Improved label with larger fonts and wear locations.
  • Wear periods from one week, monthly or quarterly.
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  • Description: 4 element TLD (3 7LiF:Mg, Cu, P [TLD700H] and 1 6LiF:Mg, Cu, P [TLD600H])
  • Badge Type: 36 = Genesis Ultra TLD-BP Holder Type: BP
  • Accreditations: NVLAP (Code: 100555-0)
  • Minimum Reportable Dose: 1 mrem (0.01 mSv)
  • Useful Dose Range: 1 mrem – 1000 rad (0.01 mSv – 10 Gy)
  • Energy Response:
    • Photon 5 keV – 6 MeV • Beta 0.251 MeV – 5 MeV
    • Neutron (TLD): Thermal – 6 MeV

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Genesis Ultra BP Assembly

Genesis Ultra BP Description