Hi Everyone! It is that time of the quarter when you should either already have, or soon get your radiation badge for the first quarter of 2017. You should receive them at least a few days before the end of the wear period on the badge (should have started in October of 2016). Be sure to change out the old ones and assign the new ones to your employees right away. If you have control badges (consult your packing lists), make sure they get back too.

Note that there have been some recent changes to postal rates, so make sure you are putting the right amount of postage on there. Even though you may be getting these in an envelope, the shipment is considered a “package” due to thickness. The cost to ship varies with the number of badges and is based on weight.

First Class Mail Rates for our envelopes and Radiation Badges:
1-4 Radiation badges $2.62
5-7 $2.64
8-9 $2.83
10-11 $3.02

These prices are for first class shipping as of January 2017. We HIGHLY recommend you spend a few dollars more and send them by Priority Mail. Remember each one of these has a value of $18 if they are lost. Having tracking will pay dividends if they get lost in the mail or if there is any question of delivery. We can help you track any lost Radiation Badge if you send by Priority Mail.  If you have questions about shipping, give us a call or email.  Check us out online at www.chpdosimetry.com.

We hope winter is treating you well and wish you the best for the new year.  We had a little snow here in Tennessee these last few days.  Thanks again for working with CHP Dosimetry!