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Hopefully you never need this service, but it is good to know Emergency Reads are available.  Be aware that if you were using an Instadose or Instadose Plus, you could just read the dosimeter yourself with no delays and no fee!

We have three options for our emergency reads.

Option #1- 24 hour process, fee $100 plus $12 per badge.

Option # 2 – 48 hour process, fee $75 Plus $12 per badge

Option # 3 – 72 hours process , Fee $50 plus  $6 per badge.

When sent in, make sure you write “ Emergency Read” on the outside of the package.  You should also send an email to and indicate “Emergency Read” on the subject line and mark the email high priority.

Emergency Read dosimeters must be shipped via FedEx, UPS, or DHL

It is very important that they not be shipped USPS, or there may be delays.

We need the following information to be provided in the email and with the dosimeters along with the Emergency Read Option.




Email Results to:
CC’d Results to:

It is highly unlikely that you will ever need an emergency read, but it is also good to know that service is available.  If you ever require an emergency read, be sure to let us know at CHP Dosimetry.  We can evaluate the reading with you and make you aware of the significance of the dose result, and methods to lower reported doses (by making a more accurate assessment of the conditions of exposure and the resulting dose).  Call or email any time!

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