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I read an interesting question on a listserver for radiation safety officers (AMRSO) about when is it safe to handle your radiation badge, and the respondent gave this link for the virus remaining active on items:

For plastic, it looks like it is safe to handle your radiation badge in about 3 days (virus activity drops off for plastic at that time).  Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily “have to” start wearing your badge on a given date.   They work before and after that date just the same.  That said, you should keep track of “when” you do use them just in case you get a crazy reading and need to investigate.  So you can consider not handling them for a few days.  For routine shipments, your badges have been pre-loaded in the envelopes you receive long before, so the precaution is mainly for the tyvek packaging.  You might consider using gloves for the outer package and the contents inside are already aged out unless this is a new shipment, what we call a “daily”.  Daily badges are those replacements you order, or your initial batch of badges.  Those have been handled much more recently.

Graphs at the reference are given for several materials.  Stainless steel about 2 days, cardboard about a day.

As an aside, the AMRSO listserver is a great resource for those of you who are RSO’s.  It is free, and has lots of people who read and respond to it who can help you with questions and often provides great info like the above.  Feel free to Contact CHP if you would like info on joining the AMRSO.

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Stay well!