Free Control Dosimeters are sent with shipments of radiation badges.  Control dosimeters measure background radiation at your location and in the mail.   In the ideal world, radiation badges are parked right next to the Control Dosimeters when not in use.  That’s how it’s done at many Nuclear Stations, but even some of them let employees take badges home.  The control dosimeter is exactly the same as your radiation badges. Just like those radiation badges, they are always monitoring radiation and never stop working.

The Minimum

Here is what to do with the controls.  1.)  Keep them away from radiation sources at your facility,  2.) Don’t lose them, and 3.) Return the control with the dosimeters they were sent with for processing.

Control dosimeters can get irradiated in the mail or by sources at your facility.  Sometimes an untrained staff will use them as regular badges!  If a control dosimeter is reading high, we will let you know on the dose report.  A “House Control” is then used to subtract background radiation.

How about if I don’t have a control dosimeter?

No problem!  We have been measuring background radiation for decades now and have a pretty good idea what it should be.  The House Control is based on our experience, and used any time dosimeters are returned without controls.  We always let you know on the dose report when we don’t get the control as a reminder.  Every reading on your dose report has a background subtraction applied.


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