The long awaited Instadose 2 is now available from CHP Dosimetry.  Instant dose results for mixed radiation fields are there with Instadose.  Instadose 2 utilizes Dual detectors for independent Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) measurements for photon and beta radiation sources.  See more information here:  Instadose 2 Dosimeter Specifications

Switching to Instadose 2 from your regular dosimeter means no more sending/receiving/dispersing/collecting badges from your employees.  Dose results are immediate and available on your smart device!  No more guessing while you wait on badge results.

Features include:

• On-demand dose results
• Unlimited dose reads
• Automatic, calendar-set reading intervals for dose trending
• Tracks dose for high-risk employees – enabling improved
dose controls
• Automated email notifications when a dose exceeds a user
specified level or when communication is overdue
• Immediate online badge reassignments and account

For too long the industry has waited for instant dose results when exposed to beta emitters with a NVLAP Accredited (100555-0) radiation badge.  Instadose 2 is now available at CHP Dosimetry and appropriate for anyone working in medical physics, nuclear medicine, Universities, hobbyists, or the nuclear industry.  Take your program to the next level of compliance and ease of use with Instadose 2.  For those of you exposed to X- or Gamma-rays only , you can choose from our other Instadose dosimeters at a slightly lower cost.

Those of you working with other dosimetry companies that don’t make Instadose dosimeters available can buy Instadose dosimeters from us.  Instadose makes badging and tracking visitors easy and efficient too.  Dose results are immediate and can be given right when they leave.

With Instadose 2 now available along with our other versions of Instadose and traditional TLD, CHP Dosimetry can take your radiation monitoring program to another level.  Easy, affordable, and with superior customer service, you can’t go wrong with CHP Dosimetry.  Order online or give us a call any time.  Thanks for checking us out.

Robert J. Gunter, CHP