Greetings All,  I just wanted you to know that our staff is working full time from home mostly, and are available to help with any radiation badge or Instadose needs you may have.  Since the April radiation badges have been delivered, there is no savings in postponing service till around the middle of May.  If we are not all back at work, that would be the time to postpone any service you may want to stop.  But hopefully we will all be back at it before then.  In the meantime, note that the CDC indicates that the virus can live up to 4 days on plastic.  Your badges were mailed to you, so that will take a few days, but you can let them sit in your office a couple of days before use if you want.  Here are some helpful links from the CDC for you and your safety:

Cleaning and Disinfection for Community Facilities

Decontamination and reuse of respirators

While things are slow, it might be a good time to think about switching to Instadose, or recommending our service to colleagues.  With Instadose, you no longer have to mail radiation badges, nor wait for them.  We have special rates for our existing customers to convert.  Give us a call or email to see how you can switch to Instadose and stop mailing radiation badges.  As you know, CHP Dosimetry is a great value.  You might let your colleagues know about the service and value we provide.  Those who have been with us since the beginning over a decade ago know that we have not ever raised your price for service.  Like you were before coming to CHP, they are busy and not thinking about what they pay for radiation badges.  They end up paying thousands of dollars more than they need to over a few years.  Have them take you out to dinner once this is over for a thank-you!

Meanwhile, stay safe and wear those masks and gloves around town if you do go out.  It helps everyone.